APQC Conferences

APQC's conferences are the place to network and share innovative ideas with the best and brightest minds. The APQC Conference is a one-stop premiere educational event offering professional development in a wide-range of programs exploring case studies, benchmarks, best practices, and other timely content in knowledge management (KM) and process and performance management (PPM).  For those concerned with continuous improvement and organizational performance, this conference is a must attend. Keynote and breakout sessions, and community building, plus add-on pre-conference training, will provide the tools you need to advance initiatives at your organization.

APQC's 2024 Conference

With the fast-paced, ever-evolving reality that is today’s workplace, organizations must be able to adapt to survive and thrive. While changes can come from the outside, growth always comes from within, making efficient change management practices and organizational unity vital to success. At APQC’s 2024 Conference, we explored practical and innovative ways effective process management and knowledge management can enable you to Connect, Change, and Grow!

Key conference topics included:

  • Adaptation and resiliency techniques to support new technologies, business models, strategies, and organizational needs
  • Best practices and practical tools to effectively plan, support, and sustain change
  • Innovative approaches for engagement and collaboration to drive effectiveness and productivity across boundaries
  • Knowledge retention and transfer techniques to simplify complex and dynamic workflows
  • Create consistency in the flow and execution of work to drive improvements

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APQC's 2023 Conference

APQC held our 2023 Conference and In-Person Training in Houston, TX the week of April 17-21, offering a wide-range of programs exploring best practices in knowledge management, process and performance management, and human capital management.

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What Participants Think About The Conference

  • When you think about best practices, you think about APQC, and integrating process and knowledge management is a necessary practice that organizations must embrace in order to ensure a sustainable transformation.