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Celebrating 40 Years of RENEWAL and Reinvention


This year marks APQC’s 40th anniversary, so all year long we could hardly wait for the big team party we were planning for the fall. But Hurricane Harvey had something else in store for us, and so our celebration plans ended up underwater – quite literally in this case. Yet our team’s response…

A Multi-Generational Model for Collaboration


The main reason I go to the Aspen Ideas Festival is for the new ideas, models, and people. I never would have met Henry Elkus elsewhere.  Henry is a twenty-something entrepreneur who envisioned a global network in his Yale dorm room. His “big thinker” network, now called Helena,…

What Do Millennials Want Out Of Work?


This year's Aspen Ideas Festival was highly tweetable, especially two tracks particularly relevant to the future of knowledge management (KM) and knowledge work in general. The Thinking Machine:  “Artificial intelligence (AI): now, next, and never going to happen” I believe that AI is…

How Airbnb Uses Analytics to Build Trust


Trust is the currency of today’s digital marketplace whether you are exchanging lodging or knowledge. Imagine this: You are traveling to a foreign country for vacation and you are renting a home sight unseen from a person you have never met. Or (stranger danger alert!) you are letting a stranger…