Actual Open-to-buy retail inventory as a percentage of planned retail inventory

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Process Efficiency
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76 All Companies
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Units for this measure are percent.

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Actual Open-to-buy inventory as a percentage of planned inventory

Key Terms

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Process efficiency

Process efficiency represents how well a process converts its inputs into outputs. A process that converts 100% of the inputs into outputs without waste is more efficient than one that converts a similar amount of inputs into fewer outputs.

Measure Scope

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Cross Industry (7.3.0)

  • - Conduct qualitative/quantitative research and assessments (10028) - Investigating key market features and customer characteristics, using qualitative and quantitative measures to capture relevant aspects. Distill key ingredients that allow the organization to Capture customer needs and wants [19946], and Assess customer needs and wants [19947]. Conduct standardized appraisals by defining selection parameters and setting quotas.
  • - Capture customer needs and wants (19946) - Identifying and collecting customers' wants and needs of a product and/or services from a marketing perspective. Identify which consumer needs are important and whether needs are being met by current products/services.
  • - Assess customer needs and wants (19947) - Creating customer profiles to get a picture of customers and their needs. Identify particular groups of people/organizations that benefit from your product/services and then selling to them.