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A cloud-based solution designed to simplify business process management for organizations of all sizes, MosaiQ® enables you to measure and manage your business processes and learn best practices to improve. Create custom frameworks that scale and mature as your business evolves and create a common language around your processes so you can move past defining what the business does in to how the work is done. Start exploring MosaiQ now!

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In this brief video, APQC's John Tesmer introduces MosaiQ. Learn how to sign in and use the key features to get real work done with your custom process framework.

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Creating Clarity through Process Standardization

In this article, APQC interviewed President and CEO Adeeb Barqawi about ProUnitas’ process management approach and its use of MosaiQ for its ten-person staff to effectively serve one of Houston’s poorest neighborhoods.

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Better Process Improvement Starts with Consistent Definitions

If the PCF is the blueprint for building your own process framework, then MosaiQ is the hardware store with all the necessary tools to help you build it out.

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If this was done on paper or Excel, the amount of work to keep it up would be ridiculous, We rely on the visualization of our processes and the ability to export it. The clarity has been the best thing for us in terms of MosaiQ and our ability to start referencing certain processes.

Adeeb Barqawi, ProUnitas


APQC’s Advisory Services team can help you successfully implement MosaiQ through our workshop, MosaiQ Accelerator. Through four principal segments - assess, train, design, and implement – workshop participants will learn how to accelerate the adoption of MosaiQ in their organization.

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