Process and Performance Management Assessments

To move to the next level in process management, an organization must understand what its current process capabilities are, have a vision for what it wants to achieve, and establish a viable plan to get there. APQC’s Seven Tenets of Process ManagementSM establish a foundation on which to build sustainable process management capabilities. By assessing an organization’s current state using the seven tenets, leaders can better discern which activities and strategic decisions will move the enterprise toward more mature and streamlined process management practices.

APQC offers three levels of assessments:

  • Exploratory—this assessment method is high-level and fast, focusing on a few leaders and subject matter experts.
  • Stage setting—this method delves more deeply into a few key aspects (e.g., governance and framework) and focuses on all process owners.
  • Detailed—this method involves a full assessment across all aspects of process management and all levels of the organization.