Order Management Landscape Challenges

Jun 29
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Time icon 1 hour Dollar Sign Complimentary

How to evaluate the end-to-end order management landscape?  This includes analyzing the people, processes, tools and governance to identify points in the process that add time, interject error, cause delays, create issues for other cross functional organizations, increase company costs and most importantly - negatively impact the customer experience. How to best go about finding and resolving pain points? What is the value to the corporation in doing so? What role does automation play?  What is the benefit to the customer? 

This session will discuss some of the Order Management Landscape challenges:

  •  Pain points in the Order Management Process 
  • Opportunities for Improvement 
  • Why Automate – Value of Automating? 
  • How to measure performance 
  • Impact on Customer Experience 

Speaker: Christine M. Pfefferle | Independent Consultant