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2017 Is the Year of the Case Study

At APQC, we like to maintain constant contact with our members to ensure that our research aligns as closely as possible with their business needs. While our members’ interests and challenges fluctuate from year to year, one piece of feedback we receive from them remains constant: they love case studies.

I have to say that I agree with them. In business school, it was always my preferred method for deepening my understanding of a concept. Now that I’m on the other side of it, as a writer, I appreciate case studies even more. Case studies bring to life the (sometimes quite abstract) concepts that we read and write about all day by presenting them in more relatable terms. And knowing that what you’re reading about actually happened makes it all the more engrossing—perhaps this is why “based on a true tagline” all but guarantees that I will enjoy a movie.

So, for all the other “truth-heads” (Copyright 2017 © Michael Sims) reading this, you’re in for some good news: 2017 has been The Year of the Case Study for the process and performance management group at APQC. Feast your eyes on this treasure trove of knowledge about process management (including performance, improvement, standardization, and more)!

We hope you enjoy learning from the incredible work that these organizations are doing. Stay tuned for more as The Year of the Case Study rolls forward!

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