Many procurement departments have gone as far as they can when it comes to leveraging price savings out of suppliers. Complete the Procurement Open Standards Benchmarking Assessment and help your department become a core competitive weapon and increase shareholder value.

By participating in this assessment, you can unearth new opportunities for:

  • reducing the cost of materials and services,
  • increasing supplier on-time delivery rates, and
  • improving incoming materials quality.

Other key procurement measures included are:

  • average supplier lead time,
  • days payable,
  • total supplier appraisal and development costs, and
  • transaction amount per purchase order .

To guide you in your adoption of best practices and implementation of information systems, the report also reviews the following:

  • procurement system integration,
  • automated procurement processes,
  • degree of centralization, and overall procurement strategy of your peers as well as industry at large


There may be a fee associated with your participation. For more information, please check the Open Standards Benchmarking fee schedule.