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How External Forces Impact Knowledge Management


Of all the great keynotes at APQC’s knowledge management conference last month, I learned the most from Carla O’Dell’s. (And yes, technically she’s my boss, but it’s still true!) I always feel like Carla has her finger on the pulse of KM, and her remarks at the conference were no exception. She…

Share Your Insights on 3PLs


Third-party logistics providers (3PLs) have become an integral part of the supply chain industry, and many are expanding the services they provide to shippers. But what services are 3PLs and fourth-party logistics providers (4PLs) really providing? And are 3PLs and 4PLs meeting their customers’…

Work Force Planning 4 Ways


Talent shortages have many organizations revisiting their approaches to work force planning. APQC’s Work Force Capabilities survey revealed that a majority of participating organizations are experiencing talent shortages [1] and that most of these organizations see work force planning as part of…

Aggressive for a Reason


Prepared using APQC’s Benchmarks on Demand tool in accounts payable (AP), top performers measured by key performance metrics receive less than 35 percent of invoice line items electronically. It makes sense, then, that top performers have been very aggressive in embracing payables automation…

The State of Benchmarking


Every few years, I lead the effort here at APQC to update the State of Benchmarking research effort. This is where we look at the discipline and activity of benchmarking. We examine how it is being conducted, which areas of the organization are being benchmarked, and how the results are used…

What’s Good About Bad Manners at Work?


Think about a time when you were treated with disrespect while at work. Most, if not all, of us have had this experience. Whether in the form of texting during meetings, gossiping about co-workers, withholding information, or taking credit for others’ work—bad manners and uncivil behaviors are a…

Keep Your Supply Chain on Track


Is your supply chain running ahead of the competition? APQC’s supply chain Tune-Up Diagnostics can help you find out. This popular series give you the ability to evaluate your organization’s performance throughout the entire supply chain. The series includes the following diagnostic tools…