Time for a Training and Development Check-up

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More than half of workers in the United States feel the need to develop skills. But, fewer than a quarter of U.S. workers feel that their employer is providing the kind of formal training that would help them develop their skills. These survey findings were released last week by consulting company Accenture.*

Out of Your Bubble, Process Nerds

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Whew! APQC's 2011 process conference was a huge success. We hosted some fantastic presenters who shared information that people could actually go home and use. You can view the presentations in our 2011 Process Management Conference Presentations and Slides collection. Great stuff in there.

What Makes a “Top Place to Work”?

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Free lunch, on-site gym, relaxed dress, and complimentary massages—right?

Recently, APQC was identified as a top place to work. Based on the results of our 2011 employee survey, Workplace Dynamics designated APQC as meeting their national standard for top workplaces.

But what does this mean? Beyond enticing perks, what makes a workplace tops?

Reverse Logistics Best Practices for Less

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At APQC we’re having our own version of a Black Friday sale on one of our most popular reports. Through November, nonmembers can purchase an electronic version of Reverse Logistics: Backward Practices That Matter at the discounted price of $99! (As always, APQC members can download a copy of the report for free).

Who Knew a Process Management Conference Could Be So Fun?

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It's great to be at APQC in Houston right now! Those of you who aren't here… well… you're missing out. First of all, Houston weather is perfect this time of year. When the rest of North America starts shivering, we venture outside to enjoy temperate perfection. And if it happens to rain, no problem. This week, we're inside the Houstonian Hotel, learning about process management from thought leaders and experts.

Read All About It! Recently Published APQC Reports

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Here are some of the newest additions to APQC's bookshelf. All are free to APQC members and available for purchase by everyone else. 

Business Excellence: Using Process Frameworks and Reference Models to Get Real Work Done

Financial Management: Effectively Managing Risk Across the Enterprise

Want to Move Up in Your Career? Better Start Sharing Knowledge

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Last month, APQC published its newest KM report, Engagement and Participation for Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration. In the report, our research team outlines 17 best practices for engaging employees in KM and encouraging them to embrace KM tools and approaches. For me, the most fascinating finding in the report is the extent to which the best-practice organizations link KM participation to career progression.

Performance and Maturity: Are You Measuring What You’re Trying to Manage?

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Anyone who has spent any time in entry-level business classes knows the adage, “if you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” It’s a pretty wise adage, and from a very systematic perspective, it’s right. Without knowledge of process performance, attempting to change is akin to rearranging furniture in the dark. Sure, you can move things about, but when the lights come on and people start walking thru the room will the changes be valuable or just a mixed up mess?

Tools and Technology: They Sure Help Make the World Go Around

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Think of the gamut of process management capabilities required to get real work done. Now imagine if you only had paper and pen, filing cabinets, the postal service (for normal communications) or a very expensive overnight delivery service for items needing rapid attention. More time would be spent filing, collating, spindling, or otherwise shuffling documents as they travel physically around your organization and potentially around the world. Imagine how long it would take to effect change!

Process Management—Another Solid Solution for Boosting HR Performance

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In my last blog post I wrote about how HR shared service centers can be a powerful vehicle for perfecting HR operations—containing work force costs, speeding work force transactions, and delivering exceptional HR customer service. In this blog post, I want to talk about another strategy for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the HR organization: process management.

Process management is an approach to governing the flow of work across an organization. When applied specifically to the HR organization, process management involves: