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U.S. Congress Passes Three FTAs


On October 12, the U.S. Congress passed free trade agreements (FTAs) with South Korea, Panama, and Colombia. Originally negotiated five years ago, the agreements must be signed by President Obama before they go into effect. The FTA with South Korea will make 95 percent of U.S. consumer and…

Strategic Alignment: Move in the Right Direction


We’ve all worked in an organization that feels chaotic. Here’s a common scenario: You’re happily performing a process, doing some work you’ve done dozens of times before, only to find out that the one sub-process you depend on has changed, and not for the better. Another common horror story…

Benchmarking: You Can Do It!


It doesn't take much interaction with APQC before you hear about benchmarking. Our business revolves around collecting data, conducting studies, and sharing information. Our mission is to connect organizations with one another to learn. But did you know that we have dozens of resources to help you…

Paperless Payments—Better Late than Never


The benefits to be gained by paying suppliers electronically have been detailed extensively by APQC’s research staff and other observers. But accounts payable (AP) managers, for a variety of reasons, have clung tightly to the practice of using paper checks for about 75 percent of their vendor…

9 Keys to Managing Executive Performance


Now is the time for organizations to focus on executive performance. A recent survey of 1,800 executives conducted by global management consulting firm Booz & Company found: “The majority of executives in all industries indicate that their companies lack ‘coherence’: They struggle with…