Presentations from APQC's 2023 Process and Knowledge Management Conference

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May 12, 2023
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APQC hosted its Process and Knowledge Management Conference from April 17th-20th, 2023, in Houston. The conference theme was “People, Process, and Knowledge,” which are the three factors that you will indisputably find at any successful organization. Key conference topics include:

  • Alignment and resiliency of business strategies to help it solve urgent problems while pursuing vital opportunities
  • Use of data-driven decisions to manage and improve performance, objectively pursue strategic goals, and deliver value to the business
  • Mapping of processes and knowledge to create consistency in the flow and execution of work, and use documentation to drive improvements
  • Innovative approaches to facilitation and collaboration in the workplace to allow for effectiveness and productivity across boundaries
  • Techniques for engaging people and pushing them past their comfort zone and towards the future to drive buy-in and adoption for new business efforts

This is the collection of speakers' slides from the conference sessions. Click here for the collection of written overviews.