Engaging People: The Often-Overlooked Factor in Process and Knowledge Management

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May 12, 2023
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It’s simple but incredibly important; an engaged workforce is a high-performing one. And process and knowledge leaders understand the benefits of engagement, including improved productivity and better business results. They also know that at the core of engagement, are people. While digital transformation will always be front and center in your process and knowledge management portfolio, siloed and competitive thinking can get in the way of success. In addition, you face the incessant demand for short-term results with the relentless pressure to “do more with less.” What to do?

How you help people to collaborate, creatively think, make decisions, and to look out for one another will become the cornerstone to your overall leadership success. It becomes the foundation of an engaged organizational culture.

The bottom line is to be truly successful in process and knowledge management, you need to understand the ‘people factor.’ And embracing it requires both reminders and new methods. In this keynote, delivered by four-time TED speaker and four-time award-winning author Dan Pontefract, you will hear insights, stories, and practical techniques to help you develop a thriving workplace culture backed by enhanced leadership approaches with a continued focus on your most important asset: people.

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