Performance Management

APQC’s best practice research has disclosed several success factors to effective performance management, including articulating the need for consistency and alignment between purpose and measures, providing methods and structures to ensure context for decision making, and establishing a performance driven culture by engaging employees in the process. But obstacles to exemplary performance management are constant: from bridging operational silos to finding the right mix of measures to drive exceptional performance at all levels of the organization. At APQC, we understand the importance of giving equal attention to people, process, and technology when designing sustainable approaches to operational performance management.

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Learn exactly where your business processes stack up against the competition using comprehensive assessments available through APQC’s Open Standards Benchmarking®. Launched in 2004, Open Standards Benchmarking is powered by a database underwritten by organizations that support the creation of common, open frameworks to measure processes. Based on APQC’s widely-adopted Process Classification Framework®, the database contains more than 2,000 standardized measures spanning people, process, and technology.