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APQC’s best practice research has uncovered success factors to effectively manage business processes, including articulating the impetus for change, providing structures needed to transition to a process-based focus, and leading by involvement. But obstacles to sustainable process management are constant: from inconsistent strategies and budget constraints at the top to employees on the front lines who are reluctant to change. At APQC, we know these battles can’t be won solely by implementing technology solutions. We understand the importance of giving equal attention to people, process, and technology when designing sustainable approaches to business process management.

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Closing the Change Management Gap

  • At its core change management is the act of proactively managing change and minimizing the resistance to organizational change through a set of structured processes or set of approaches to transition employees, teams, and/or an entire organization to a desired future state. This project uses a combination of survey and case studies to provide guidance on improving organizations’ change management efforts from check-the-box approaches to ones that drive behavioral shifts.

Next Steps to AI: Natural Language Processing

  • This project will provide insights on organizations use of natural language processing and guidance around adoption practices in general and applied to both process and knowledge management.

People of Process

  • This project will explore the people that support process management work. This project will combine a survey and interviews to understand the demographics, skillset, education of today's process workers. Additionally, the research will look at reporting structures, responsibilities, and career advancement in the process field.

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