Redesign Your Process Audits: Link with Strategy and Improve your Maturity

Published On:
October 23, 2020
Authored By:
Mohit Mathur, Signavio
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Process audits are a norm in most industries and geographies; they are done for an array of reasons including, statutory requirements and internally for management assurance. Most process audits, however, are disconnected with organizations' strategic focus, tackle transactions, and do little to add value in maturing the process itself beyond basic fixes.
From traditional to new age organizations, this problem has not received the focus it deserves. It’s important to see these audits as a strategic lever to enhance maturity; elevating them to first-class citizens in line with organizational strategy.

In this session Mohit Mathur, head of process transformation at Sterlite discusses how to leverage APQC and process automation systems to redesign process audits and bring about this necessary change.

This is a copy of the presentation slides; click here for the recording or here for an overview of the session.