Improving the Way Organizations Manage Change

Published On:
January 10, 2023
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Change management strategy is a key component of any organizational change initiative, whether related to organizational transformation, change in business strategy, large-scale technology rollouts, new knowledge management programs, process improvements, or business development initiatives. In recent years, the rate of change has increased and reached a critical point, necessitating a more focused look at the most effective ways of managing organizational change.

In December 2022, APQC hosted a webinar conducted by Senior Principal Research Lead Marisa Brown (Supply Chain Management), Principal Research Lead Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland (Process and Performance Management), and Principal Research Lead Lauren Trees (Knowledge Management). Facilitators discussed:

  • findings from recent APQC research on change management,
  • leading methods for addressing change, and
  • how organizations have matured their change management approaches over the past four years.

This article provides a summary of the webinar’s main discussions.