The APQC Education group helps education leaders plan, capture, scale and sustain transformation to improve student outcomes and organizational efficiency. We help educators redesign outdated or inefficient processes and break down functional silos which saves time, saves money, and empowers people. This work occurs through strategic planning, the understanding and implementation of Process and Performance Management (PPM) methodologies, and the learnings from best practices. The outcomes of these efforts speak for themselves: over $125 million in savings, tens of thousands of hours saved and reallocated to value added work, more collaborative engagement of employees, and efficient processes that support our shared goal of student achievement. Collectively, APQC and our education clients and members are known as the North Star Education Community.

K-12 Education Solutions

At APQC, we're committed to improving K-12 education nationwide. We have several education solutions to jumpstart improvement in the way that makes the most sense for your district.  This a la carte approach allows you to gain the best value and results for your district based on where you are starting and where you seek to go.

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Through membership, you—and every employee in your district—are connected to actionable best practice information, interactive benchmarking tools, and expertise so you can discover, understand, and implement the most effective methods for process and performance improvement.

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Improve Your District's Processes

New and Improved! The Process Classification Framework (PCF)® was originally created to identify key processes in businesses and was then customized for the needs of K-12 education. The common taxonomy allows APQC and educational organizations to identify and compare processes, set and compare metrics and establish best practices. This latest version incorporates changes and updates from our North Star Education Community.

We are very thankful for all the cooperation and insights to assist in creating this latest version.

Learn From Your Peers

Over 150 school districts nationwide are already using APQC’s resources and methodologies to redirect millions of dollars from wasteful administrative processes toward student achievement purposefully. 

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