Spring Branch ISD Current State Process Heat Map: Student-Facing Digital Content Acquisition and Accessibility

Published On:
January 02, 2019
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Spring Branch Independent School District (Spring Branch ISD) worked with APQC on a Master Planning for Innovation (MPI) project called “Student-Facing Digital Content Acquisition and Accessibility.” Spring Branch ISD recognized an opportunity to rethink its approach to identifying and procuring the technology necessary for student success. With an increasing number of requests for new software, apps, and other tools to support personalized student learning, Spring Branch ISD needed to better align and streamline the work of its technology, procurement, and academic teams to ensure teachers and students can access the technology they need in a timely fashion. 

This document is the Current State Process Heat Map for Spring Branch ISD’s Student-Facing Digital Content Acquisition and Accessibility project. Spring Branch ISD used the Heat Map to assess complexity, user and recipient pain levels, performance consistency, and organizational impact for current state processes used to acquire digital content.