Executive Summary: Building Blocks of Success

Published On:
February 21, 2024
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APQC’s Seven Tenets of Process ManagementSM are tools that can help organizations move from the “developed” stage and overcome the issues where so many organizations go wrong: stopping at the design stage or haphazardly conducting one-off process improvements. Strategic alignment, governance, and change management provide the foundation to establish clear goals and a strong infrastructure. These tenets, which act as guiding principles for prioritization, ultimately help reduce the risk of facing resistance because the organizations can clearly communicate the value and effectively assign their resources. 

Organizations that adhere to the performance management and process improvement tenets are also less likely to face common implementation challenges, including lacking established goals for process efforts and struggling to secure executive-level buy-in. Adherence is likely due to the organizations’ process maturity levels, characterized by strong centralized governance and an emphasis on performance.

This article provides a brief overview of APQC's comprehensive report, which explains the Seven Tenets in more detail, including a five-point scale maturity model and best practices and advice organizations can use to improve their maturity.