End-to-End Process Map and Measures: Issue-to-Resolution

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November 10, 2023
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Issue-to-Resolution at its highest level is the coordinated approach to unearthing, assessing, and making sure the right people can resolve a potential problem or inquiry quickly and effectively. Documenting the issue-to-resolution process helps the organization track who is responsible, provides a framework for solving the issue, and monitors when it is resolved. Additionally, many issue-to-resolution processes also include the systematic analysis of issues for product or process improvements, and as part of their lessons learned management.

A common struggle for any end-to-end process management is identifying the right measures that encapsulate the value of the process. This article contains key performance indicators (KPIs) that allow organizations to focus all participants in the end-to-end issue-to-resolution process on a shared goal that aligns with the strategic purpose of the process.

This article is a general view of the Issue-to-Resolution end-to-end process. Given the uniqueness of organizations, variations to the processes are likely to occur.

Click here for the Excel version or here for the Visio map.