Developing High Potential Talent in FM: Survey Summary Report

Published On:
September 25, 2017
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In July of 2017, APQC conducted a survey to understand the state of talent management within finance functions and to address the following questions:

  • What is important when it comes to the financial management (FM) organization supporting business strategy, and how effective is FM at performing what is important?
  • How effectively does finance currently support the enterprise's strategic imperatives?
  • As FM takes on a greater role in strategic planning, how important is it that high potentials be properly trained and involved?
  • Are high potentials being positioned to operate effectively in a data-driven business environment?
  • To what extent will high potentials need to become adept at planning for and deploying robotics process automation (RPA)?
  • What drives the effectiveness of high potential talent development programs?
  • When it comes to leadership training for high potentials, how effective is the training provided (in discrete leadership skills)?
  • Is funding for talent development of high potentials adequate?