Creating a BPM Playbook: Aligning Stakeholders One Tenet at a Time

Published On:
May 15, 2024
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This session covered how Cargill leveraged APQC's Tenets of Business Process Management (BPM) to create a Playbook for use by a global community of 350+ process practitioners and key functional partners. This playbook provides a standard approach to BPM, enables higher levels of value to be realized from the work of our teams, and accommodates various levels of maturity. The BPM Playbook for Cargill has been game-changing, seeing utilization and championship  by unexpected stakeholders. This has helped to align the organization across functional teams with a common way of working and language that reduces frustration, eliminates waste, and integrates process activities in ways that accelerate value. 

This is a copy of the presentation; click here for a summary of the session.