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Our current members include more than 150,000 process and knowledge management (KM) professionals working at more than 550 organizations worldwide. Search for current members by industry or by organization name below.

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Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD Education (K-12)
Eagle Mt-Saginaw ISD Education (K-12)
Eckert Int Education (K-12)
Ecopetrol S.A. Petroleum/Oil/Gas
ECS Reporting Solutions, LLC Professional Services/Business Services
Educational Testing Service Printing & Publishing
EG A/S Computers
Eisenhower H S Education (K-12)
El Paso Independent School District Education (K-12)
Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, HKSARG Government/Military
Elevations Credit Union Financial Services/Banking
Eli Lilly and Company Pharmaceutical
Ella Boulevard H S Education (K-12)
Ella Boulevard Ninth Grade Education (K-12)
Emerson Electronics
Emerson Electronics
Emerson Electric Electronics
Emerson Power Transmission Electronics
Emerson/US Electrical Motors Division Electronics
Employment and Social Development Canada Government/Military