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Our current members include more than 250,000 professionals from more than 1,000 organizations worldwide. APQC members are connected in their efforts to improve performance by applying proven methodologies, approaches, and best practices in process, knowledge, finance, human capital, and supply chain management. Search for current members by industry or by organization name below.

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A.T. Kearney, Inc. Professional Services/Business Services
AARP Healthcare
AB Tetra Pak Machinery Equipment
ABC Benefits Corporation Insurance
Abu Dhabi City Municipality Government/Military (Federal/State)
Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company Petroleum/Oil/Gas
Abu Dhabi National Oil Company Petroleum/Oil/Gas
Abu Dhabi Ports Group Transportation/Freight Carriers
AC Lordi Consulting Inc. Professional Services/Business Services
Access Business Group, LLC Cosmetics/Soaps/Detergents/Perfumes
Accordion Partners Professional Services/Business Services
Accreditation International Education (K-12)
Acero Schools Education (K-12)
Actinver Financial Services/Banking
Adidas AG Consumer Products/Packaged Goods
Aera Energy LLC Petroleum/Oil/Gas
Afton Chemical Chemicals
Air Force Services Government/Military (Federal/State)
Air Liquide Chemicals
Airbus SAS Aerospace