Logistics Benchmarking

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In my last blog post I highlighted APQC’s recently released collection of key procurement benchmarks. This time I wanted to highlight our content featuring logistics benchmarks.

First up is a series called Logistics Benchmarks. These articles, based on the report Blueprint for Success: Logistics (Second Edition) and APQC’s Open Standards Benchmarking in logistics, discuss on-time and complete delivery, order cycle time, and perfect order index. Each article features a definition of the measure, performance across industries, and ways that organizations can improve their performance on the featured measure.

We’ve also released a Key Logistics Benchmarks collection that provides benchmarks for the consumer products/packaged goods, electronics, industrial products, and retail and wholesale industries. These articles feature a variety of measures, including:

  •    total cost to perform the logistics process,
  •    inventory accuracy,
  •    order fill rate,
  •    pick-to-ship cycle time,
  •    and more.

We also have the slide deck Warehousing and Logistics Benchmarks, which includes cross-industry performance on several measures related to warehousing, including:

  •    sales orders delivered on time,
  •    total cost to operate warehousing,
  •    freight cost,
  •    and more.

APQC’s Blueprint for Success: Logistics, Logistics Benchmarks, Key Logistics Benchmarks collection, and Warehousing and Logistics Benchmarks are available at no cost to APQC members.


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