The Process Classification Framework: Frequently Asked Questions

Published On:
July 20, 2020
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Member Only Content:

Each month APQC holds open office hours to discuss any questions that members might have about APQC’s Process Classification Framework® (PCF). This FAQ includes questions from APQC’s PCF office hours along with their responses. The questions and answers are organized into three main sections:

  • Introducing the PCF—which includes broader questions like “How can organizations promote the PCF to management?” and “How qualitative vs. quantitative is the PCF?”
  • Putting the PCF into Action—which lists and answers questions about specific applications of the PCF like “How can the PCF support digital transformation efforts?” 
  • Opportunities for the PCF—including questions about areas not currently encompassed by the PCF and questions about APQC’s future plans for the PCF.