Accelerators of Knowledge Management Maturity - Data Report

Published On:
October 15, 2015
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APQC provides many tools to guide the development and improvement of knowledge management (KM) programs. One of the most important is its Levels of Knowledge Management Maturity, a five-stage maturity model designed to help organizations determine the current status of their KM programs. The Levels of KM Maturity form the basis for APQC’s KM Capability Assessment Tool, a 146-question assessment that shows participants their current maturity level and uncovers gaps that may impede the efficacy of KM initiatives.

For this research, APQC analyzed data from the capability assessments of 218 KM programs to reveal interdependencies between capabilities and insights into how KM programs develop over time. The result is a set of 15 foundational KM capabilities we're calling "accelerators of KM maturity" because putting them in place will vastly increase your odds of building a mature, impactful KM program.