Building the Roadmap Together: KM Highlights from APQC’s Conference

May 26
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Knowledge management has been on a wild ride for the past few years. KM teams must keep up with rapidly evolving needs for everything from search and discovery to virtual collaboration, expertise development, and microlearning. In this webinar, APQC’s Lauren Trees and Cindy Hubert will share key takeaways from APQC’s 2022 Process and Knowledge Management Conference about KM’s current state and future direction. Topics include:

  • Which techniques and technologies are gaining the most traction
  • What problems KM leaders are worried about and what they’re doing to solve them
  • How industry leaders get people engaged in different aspects of KM
  • How KM is partnering across the organization to apply knowledge to strategic priorities

Trees and Hubert will share key themes from the conference conversations and fresh examples of KM “in action.” Come talk about what you learned—or find out what you missed!