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APQC’s 3-day, virtual framework professional certification course will explore the significance of frameworks for driving business value. Participants will understand the power and benefits of using a framework and gain practical insights, best practices, and approaches for applying frameworks and adapting them to fit an organization’s specific needs. Learn the ways in which frameworks provide a structured approach to achieving an organization’s goals based on real-life scenarios, and how, when successfully adapted, can connect the enterprise through a common language and realize even more compelling business outcomes. See our upcoming dates below and register now.



Most certification programs are academic, time intensive, and not collaborative. APQC’s program delivers a more balanced approach focused on competency development. Theoretical style learning can be difficult to translate back to the workplace. APQC’s course utilizes real-life examples and tools that focus on your ability to apply the learnings directly back to your workplace environment. 



Gain 2.8 CEUs while becoming certified. APQC was awarded the prestigious Accredited Provider accreditation. IACET Accredited Providers are the only organizations approved to offer IACET Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Our accreditation is a demonstration of our commitment to quality adult education and high standards for all of our programs. 



APQC has a 40+ year history in process excellence. During that time, we’ve developed best practices and methodologies through our primary-based research and client engagements. Actively reduce the risk of program failures using our proven best practices, benchmark data, tools, methodologies, frameworks, and standardized approaches.

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Topics covered in this course

  • Applications of Frameworks
  • Process Management and Design
  • Knowledge and Content Management
  • Measurement and Benchmarking
  • Alignment of Multiple Frameworks Across an Enterprise

Walk away with proficiency in

  • Understanding the different types of frameworks, uses, and ways to leverage them in an organization
  • Explaining the benefits of aligning alternate views and needs using a comprehensive framework across an enterprise
  • Leveraging framework principles to identify, prioritize, and manage performance improvement
  • Adapting the application of frameworks to fit the organizational needs
  • Utilizing APQC’s assets and resources to address real-world challenges
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Who is this certification right for?

This certification is ideal for business professionals and consultants that can answer yes to any of the questions below.
  1. Do you need to showcase your expertise and experience using frameworks?
  2. Are different “languages” used across departments when defining work processes preventing communication and alignment
  3. Does the organization leverage one or more frameworks and need to create alignment with multiple frameworks?
  4. Is the organization struggling or want to scale the business?
  5. Do you have skill and competencies to leverage frameworks across disciplines?
  6. Is the organization focused on process to enable strategic outcomes?
  7. Is the organization about to: 

     - Go through a digital transformation?

     - Move to a new technology platform?

     - Go through a merger/acquisition?

     - Planning for/adopting new AI technology?

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I fully support the importance of this course to help business professionals design and develop the use of frameworks.

Executive Coaching

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Check out our Process Framework Essentials self-paced online course

In this course, the structure, core principles, and use of frameworks will be studied with examples from real organizations. The necessary skills to select, design, and apply process frameworks for a myriad of value-driven purposes will also be discussed. You will also learn how to adopt or tailor a process framework for your organization, including APQC's own Process Classification Framework®, and apply a process framework within your organization to improve process management, content management, and benchmarking. As an IACET Accredited Provider, APQC offers .4 IACET CEUs for its this course that comply with the ANSI/IACET Continuing Education and Training Standard.

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