Strategic HR Partnerships: How to Develop and Maintain the Business Partner Status

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APQC and other survey results show that few HR functions are working closely with business leaders to set and deliver upon organizational strategy. Most HR functions only occasionally engage with internal client leaders in a business partner, strategic advisor capacity. What are strategic HR partners doing differently compared to all other organizations? APQC conducted a best practices study and examined IBM Global Business Services and Nissan North America to find out.

Some of the best practices that we uncovered include:

  • strategic HR partners use partnerships and information sharing within the HR function to enable strategic partnerships outside of the HR function;
  • strategic HR partners use data and analytics capabilities to proactively consult with business units; and
  • strategic HR partners have hiring and onboarding practices that deliver HR professionals who perform well within the strategic HR partnership model.

To view the free study overview, visit: Strategic HR Partnerships: Study Overview. You can also check out the full report and case studies:

Is your HR function a strategic business partner? How do they work with business leaders?

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