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Performance Management Success Factors

"Painful," "too much effort," "not popular," "a necessary evil"—when employees use these kinds of words to describe a particular process you know that process is broken and needs to be improved. These were the words that APQC employees used to describe APQC's pre-2012 employee performance management process.

How did APQC go from a broken performance management process to one that drives better performance? Elissa Tucker and I share five success factors that helped APQC transform its performance management process, which includes a focus on:

  • alignment,
  • governance,
  • change management,
  • technology, tools, and training, and
  • measurement and ongoing improvement.

Whether you are an HR professional responsible for your organization’s performance management system, a manager who wants to learn how to do a better job of giving feedback, or an employee who wants to understand how the performance management process is supposed to work, the slides and the recording from this presentation will be of interest to you and they are free to non-members.

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