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How to Transfer Best Practices in Your Organization

Recently, a lot of people have been asking me about the best way to transfer best practices. APQC has tons of content on this topic, but I realized we didn’t have an updated overview article that lays out the basics, so I wrote one: How to Transfer Internal Best Practices. The article is based on our collaborative research as well as what we’ve learned working with clients, and it contains a great example from Alcoa World Alumina.

At the most basic level, transferring a best practice involves finding a process or activity that one part of your organization does well and translating the same tactics to other parts of the organization. A firm can transfer practices among locations, business units, functions, or teams. In addition to promoting enterprise-wide standardization, the transfer of best practices helps organizations move the needle on key metrics like cost margins, cycle times, and safety statistics.

If you’re interested in establishing a transfer program, I recommend our new overview article. People who want to dive deeper into this topic can check out the following resources:

If you have specific questions about the transfer of best practices or any of the resources listed above, let me know in the comments section.