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How External Forces Impact Knowledge Management

Of all the great keynotes at APQC’s knowledge management conference last month, I learned the most from Carla O’Dell’s. (And yes, technically she’s my boss, but it’s still true!) I always feel like Carla has her finger on the pulse of KM, and her remarks at the conference were no exception. She framed her speech around three business and technology trends she sees transforming the KM landscape:

  1. the consumerization of IT,
  2. social media goes to work, and
  3. the age of analytics.

She also made some predictions about the future of KM and the next force that will impact the discipline's development. If you missed the conference, you can read this article summarizing Carla’s keynote or view the slides from her presentation. You can also check out additional presentations from the event in APQC's 2012 Knowledge Management Conference Collection. All the content is available to the public for a limited time only, so get busy!