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Carla O'Dell on Personalizing Knowledge Management

Obviously one of the highlights of APQC’s knowledge management (KM) conference is hearing our CEO, Carla O’Dell, give her views on where KM is headed.

This year we did something different with O'Dell's keynote speech in our Knowledge Base. The whole keynote is available in smaller video clips for easy viewing. One of her most important points was on how to personalize KM. She brought up four key points for a better KM experience: 

  1. Embed KM into the flow of work.
  2. Fit the tool to the need.
  3. Add social search.
  4. Make it fun.

This clip is available to both our members and non-members.

The rest of the clips are available in this collection, Reinventing KM: Carla O'Dell at APQC's 2013 KM Conference. Our members will see the range of topics that O'Dell covered in her keynote. I've included the following clips that stood out for me:

  • The Growth of Knowledge Management Tools - In this clip O'Dell talks about how the different tools in KM have expanded in the past 20 years, especially with today's technology.  
  • Learning from Crowdsourcing - This clip is actually a much more serious discussion between O'Dell and conference attendees. With the occurrence of the Boston Marathon Bombing the public aided in the investigation, eventually making it a large-scale crowdsourcing effort.

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