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9 Keys to Managing Executive Performance

Now is the time for organizations to focus on executive performance. A recent survey of 1,800 executives conducted by global management consulting firm Booz & Company found:

“The majority of executives in all industries indicate that their companies lack ‘coherence’: They struggle with setting a clear and differentiating strategy, ensuring day-to-day decisions are in line with their strategy and allocating resources in a way that supports the strategy.”

Setting and executing on corporate strategy are key executive responsibilities. An effective executive performance management program can guide senior leaders in developing better skills and competencies in these critical areas.

APQC and consulting organization Golden Key Group recently concluded a benchmarking study on executive performance management. The study revealed nine key practices for effectively managing executive performance.

View this list of practices in our complimentary Executive Performance Management: Benchmarking Report Executive Summary. Then check out our Executive Performance Management: Benchmarking Report which describes each practice in detail, providing examples of how the practice has been implemented at different organizations. This report is free to APQC member organizations.