Optimizing Customer Service: White Paper

Published On:
October 28, 2022
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Customer service interactions are ‘moments of truth’ that provide customer service representatives with an opportunity to transform wary, skeptical, or dissatisfied customers into strong and committed brand promoters. Handling these moments of truth with excellence requires an effective frontline response that puts customers’ needs ahead of organizations and their employees’ agendas.

In August 2022 APQC conducted research, sponsored by Esker Inc., to understand how organizations can enable better customer service and alleviate critical challenges facing both customer service and order fulfillment teams. This whitepaper highlights APQC’s key findings and takeaways in:

  • the context for the need for change in customer service organizations,
  • aligning customer service strategy and measures,
  • re-examining the role of customer service professionals,
  • shifting behavior and rationalizing systems, and
  • moving toward proactive customer service.