Governing Procure-to-Pay as an End-to-End Process

Published On:
January 17, 2022
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End-to-end processes like procure-to-pay (P2P) transcend business silos and functional boundaries. To coordinate the work of separate functions across the entire value chain, leading organizations centralize governance of the end-to-end process in a single process owner. This governance structure helps ensure that activities like measurement, process standardization, and process improvements all work in service of the larger end-to-end process.

In October 2021, APQC hosted Trey Robinson and John Francis (partners and supply chain co-leads) from ScottMadden for a webinar to discuss leading practices in procurement transformation. In their webinar, Robinson and Francis described global process ownership as part of a broader shift toward more strategic service delivery in procurement. Centralization and global process ownership for P2P help ensure that organizations take a balanced approach to developing key procurement capabilities like responsive customer service and impactful sourcing strategies.