Assess, Improve, and Benchmark Using the BEST Method

Published On:
May 31, 2022
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The BEST tool is a structured approach to gap analysis and improvement for an organization creating a Best Practice or an organization seeking a Best Practice as a benchmark. The tool assures a Best Practice is written completely and concisely. When a Best Practice is written effectively, benchmarking organizations have enough information to translate the excellence into their own processes.  

This presentation depicts a structured process to use and write a comprehensive Best Practice reviewing definitions and benefits of using a Best Practice method, and then guiding through an assessment tool set covering the criteria and characteristics of a high performing process.

Readers will learn how to:  

  • Define a Best Practice and the prerequisite for benchmarking  
  • Identify the four components of an effective Best Practice  
  • Use the BEST Quick Scan tool to identify a Best Practice candidate 
  • Assess their own core process based in the BEST tool components of Results, Enabler, Process, and Format 
  • Create an action list for further improvement in their target process  

This is a copy of the presentation; click here for a summary of the session.