APQC Process Classification Framework (PCF) - Downstream Petroleum- PDF Version 7.2.1

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February 14, 2019
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Based on the renowned Process Classification Framework® (PCF), the Downstream Petroleum PCF is customized to define processes used within Downstream Petroleum organizations around the world. The petroleum industry is represented by two process frameworks - Upstream and Downstream. The demarcation of where the Upstream PCF ends and Downstream takes up has been established as the point at which custody of the hydrocarbons is handed over (transferred) to a point of sale for distribution.

The Downstream PCF addresses manufacturing, marketing, and trading of liquids and gases downstream from the point at which custody of hydrocarbons are handed over (transferred) to the point of sale for distribution. It includes the refining of petroleum crude oil and the processing and purifying of raw natural gas; as well as the marketing and distribution of products derived from crude oil and natural gas. The midstream segments for processing, transportation, and storage are also within the Downstream Petroleum PCF. This includes nomination, logistics, trading, hedging,  and storage from the point of custody transfer to the downstream delivery location (e.g. refinery, gas plant, commercial or retail location, large customer such as an airport or military base, utility for further distribution, chemical manufacturer, lube oil plant). 

The Upstream PCF addresses the searching for potential underground or underwater crude oil and natural gas fields, drilling of exploratory wells, and subsequently drilling and operating the wells that recover and bring the hydrocarbons (crude oil and natural gas) to the surface. The Upstream Petroleum PCF is also available for download.

There is a Retail PCF available for download from that addresses all aspects of the retail component,  e.g. operation of retail destinations such as pump stations.

This release of the Downstream Petroleum PCF is aligned with NAICS codes listed below. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) coding scheme allows us to easily categorize content into neat industry specific buckets. The alignment of a PCF to a specific set of codes doesn't limit the utility of the framework in other / associated industries: it just gives you an idea of what our designers and subject matter experts considered during the development of the framework.

Primary industries:

  • 211112 Natural Gas Liquid Extraction
  • 324110 Petroleum Refineries
  • 324191 Petroleum Lubricating Oil and Grease Manufacturing
  • 325110 Petrochemical Manufacturing
  • 325192 Cyclic Crude and Intermediate Manufacturing*
  • 486110 Pipeline Transportation of Crude Oil
  • 486210 Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas
  • 486910 Pipeline Transportation of Refined Petroleum Products
  • *325192 Cyclic Crude and Intermediate Manufacturing in scope except items related to coal.

The PCF is written in United States English language format.

Click here to access the Excel version of this framework.

Please note that this version of the PCF was codeveloped with IBM and is subject to specific license terms, a copy of which are included with the download file. Review the license terms carefully before using the PCF.