Implementation Issues to Consider When Selecting KM Approaches: Editable Template



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  • December 12, 2016
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  • APQC
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When comparing prospective KM approaches, APQC recommends evaluating each against strategic and business criteria in order to weed out ones that will not sufficiently meet the need or will be extremely difficult to implement. This process should yield a small subset of viable possibilities. The next step is a detailed evaluation of the most promising options, including an assessment of foreseeable implementation issues associated with each.

To help with this task, APQC has created a tool to help KM teams evaluate potential implementation issues associated with a given KM approach. We recommend using this blank, editable version to compare and filter KM approaches with the potential to meet your organization's knowledge needs. Click here to review detailed instructions for using this tool.

Note: This is a Microsoft Excel template. If you do not have Excel installed on your computer, then the file will not open. If you encounter issues with the download, we recommend right-clicking the download button, selecting "save target as...", and saving the template directly to your desktop or local network

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