Value Chains, Policy Busting, and Concept Models - Key Engineering Techniques for Escaping Silos

Silos continue to plague many organizations. They diminish lifetime customer experience, and act as a practical barrier to rapid product innovation and agile market response. In the larger picture, they also act so as to diminish overall worker satisfaction.

How can the company move beyond silos? The first order of business is to provide executives and managers with an approachable, bite-size picture of what the business is about holistically. That requires a top-level value-chain view of its operations. But this view needs to be friendly to the fuel of the Knowledge Economy - knowledge. Just tinkering with organizational charts or high-level processes won't do the trick. You'll also need to know how to work the levers of immediate improvement - business policies - and coordinate the stuff of communication - vocabulary.

Pulling from two real-life case studies with large organizations, Business Rule Solutions Ron Ross will explain how such a view can be created, then assessed to create a pragmatic plan for engineering silos away. Gain fresh insights about how your company can create actionable plans to operate more effectively. Truly workable answers aren't necessarily in the direction you've been looking!

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