How The Digital Thread Can Take Knowledge Management from Lost to Found

Oct 11
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One of the buzz-iest concepts in manufacturing, engineering, and knowledge management today is the “digital thread.” The buzz is justified: organizations that turn the digital thread from an idea into reality unlock widespread opportunities to improve performance at every stage of the product lifecycle, from 15-30% labor productivity increases, 10-20% improvements in the cost-of-quality, and 15-20% reductions in inventory-holding costs (McKinsey) for starters.
Every company is a technology (and information) company now, and the Digital Thread brings all your data, insights, designs, and processes into one location to find the connections that the raw data would have otherwise hidden. A true digital thread provides the means that future-thinking organizations need to succeed in a world where work will never be the same.
Are you ready to see transformative changes in the way your organization finds, analyzes, and acts on its data? Join Martin van de Roest, industry leader and Digital Thread expert, and Nick Scholz, product marketer, to learn: 

  • Ways the Digital Thread drives innovation, collaboration, and clarity
  • The key components of a true digital thread, and the big impacts on your value chain
  • How the digital thread has helped world-class groups regain time and crush content chaos