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Is Your Knowledge Management Strategy Focused on Knowledge Capture and Transfer?

Today I hosted a 30-minute Webinar to spotlight some of APQC’s best knowledge management content from 2011. (If you want to find out what’s new in the Knowledge Base, I recommend listening to this recording of the presentation or downloading the slides.) As part of the Webinar, I polled the audience to find out which knowledge management topics they were most interested in. I have to admit, the results surprised me. Of the 93 attendees who responded, a whopping 49 percent said they are most interested in knowledge capture and transfer. The next highest-scoring category was communities of practice (16 percent), followed by collaboration (12 percent), software and technology for KM (12 percent), and expertise location (11 percent).

Based on these results, I’m looking at my 2012 publishing plan to incorporate more content on knowledge capture and transfer techniques. Is your organization emphasizing knowledge capture and transfer? If so, please leave a comment and let me know what your specific goals and/or challenges are. I want to make sure any new content I create hits the mark!