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Why Workforce Analytics Needs to Be a Huge Part of Your 2015 HR Strategy

Analytics—it’s a topic that’s received a lot of attention and for good reason. Appropriate use of analytics or the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns and relationships in data can help businesses define, predict, and improve performance. In HR, workforce analytics can be applied to answer important questions about areas such as workforce productivity, the ROI of training and development programs, predictors of turnover, and factors related to top performance of employees. For example, what employee characteristics predict productivity at work? Which of these characteristics predict voluntary turnover? At what time point are these employees likely to leave their jobs? Insight into these areas will help HR strategically contribute to organizations by making data-informed decisions.

As part of APQC’s 2015 research agenda, we will be focusing heavily on the role of analytics in business and HR performance. As part of the research, we will connecting with members and business professionals in the community to talk about workforce analytics—which companies need it, what business questions can be answered with it, how to get started on it, and how to use it to drive better performance. We will also conduct a survey of business professionals and interviews with companies that are using analytics to find out how they make it work.

To kick off this topic, a webinar was presented by APQC and Ross Sparkman, Global Strategic Workforce Planning and Analytics Leader at GE Aviation. During the webinar, Ross shared analytical tools and techniques that have been applied at GE Aviation to help improve its strategic workforce planning process. He also discussed GE's journey to developing an optimized workforce that better meets the challenges of operating in a dynamic and competitive global business environment.  Click here to view the free recording and slides.

Are you interested in the analytics topic? How are you currently leveraging analytics in your HR work?