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Hey folks, Tesmer here. We’ve been super busy this year working on great things for you in the Process Classification Framework®(PCF) world, including updates to all of the industry specific frameworks, a brand new cross-industry framework, and MosaiQTM

PCF v7.0.0 was a huge undertaking and involved literally hundreds of contributors from dozens of organizations. While I can’t individually name them, I do want to focus a bit on a significant group of contributors and profiles of some of the people who helped. I couldn’t have done this work without IBM and the folks they dedicated to help rationalize these changes and review them against what’s really happening in the world.

More than 40 IBM subject matter experts from every region in the world contributed to the creation of v7.0.0.  Collectively, they have a significant amount of process transformation, improvement and measurement experience, with specializations across industries and functional areas. Their academic backgrounds, skills, and experience are testament to the depth and breadth of IBM’s coverage and influence, as well as the diversity of its resources. 

Many of the key structural adjustments made in version 7.0 were proposed by the holder of two patents related to performance measurement concepts.  She specializes in business process performance measurement and optimization; with extensive experience in methods, tools, analysis, and content for business process benchmarking.

The new warranty management process was compiled with input and direction from an IBM Distinguished engineer who has also been recognized as a Hughes Aircraft Masters Fellow, BEYA Modern Technology Leader, Open Group Distinguished IT/Certified Architect. The Global Leads of the IBM Automotive Center of Competence and the IBM Chemicals and Petroleum / Industrial Products Center of Competence were instrumental in the creation of marketing and supply chain content.  The revised section on “Acquire, Construct, and Manage Assets” was written by the Transmission & Distribution solutions leader in the IBM Global Energy and Utilities Centre of Competence, who has over 30 years of experience in the industry and a background in power systems engineering. 

These are just two of the individuals who contributed to v7.0.0 – and trust me there are dozens more, each with equally impressive credentials. The reason I tell you about them is so that you know that I’m not just sitting here behind my desk making this stuff up – lots of other really smart people are.

I’m super proud of the work this extended team has done, and I can’t wait to write about how your organization helps move the PCF forward. Send me your feedback to pcf_feedback@apqc.org. Thanks for all you do to make this the best process framework out there.

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