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Talent is a Top CEO Priority for 2011

To inform members working in human capital management, APQC reviewed recent CEO surveys and identified six top CEO priorities (in no particular order) for 2011:

  • Growing the business—CEOs are optimistic that 2011 will be the year for revenue growth.
  • Combating talent shortages—HR professionals will be encouraged yet daunted by the news that among CEOs’ top priorities for 2011 is talent—employing enough of the right kind of talent, in the right places, at the right time. 
  • Speeding decision making and execution—CEOs want their organizations to be among the first to tackle growth opportunities and reengage customers. 
  • Managing risk—CEOs want to develop the ability to see emerging business threats and swiftly take mitigating action, something many were unable to do as the recession was taking hold. 
  • Fortifying corporate reputations—An outgrowth of the global economic crisis has been an erosion of trust in institutions and leaders, including corporations and their executives. CEOs want to restore the publics’ trust in their leadership and their organizations. 
  • Operating sustainably—Most CEOs view sustainable operations as critical to attracting both customers and talented employees in 2011 and beyond.

Growth, talent, speed, risk, reputation, and sustainability—each CEO priority will require HR to make a substantial contribution. For HR, 2011 will be a busy, but also an opportunity-filled time.

How is your HR department preparing to meet your CEO’s agenda?

This blog post is an excerpt from the article: "What CEOs Are Saying: An Update for HR." APQC Knowledge Base, March 2011.