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Supply Chain Risk and Resiliency

Do you think that global supply chains are at greater risk of physical disruption today? APQC is currently conducting a survey to learn whether or not business executives believe this to be true and what their organizations are doing to address that risk.

During the recession, many companies pared their supplier lists to win volume price discounts from surviving vendors. Many firms also extended the global reach of their sourcing activities. But the need to balance cost efficiency with supply chain resiliency has been a growing concern for supply chain staff.

A Look at Three External Risks to Supply Chain Stability

APQC’s survey focuses on three external risk factors: 
  1. high-impact natural disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, or floods;  
  2. extreme weather such as devastating droughts, wildfires, or cyclones; and  
  3. political turmoil in vitally important world regions.  

APQC hopes to learn what organizations with mission-critical supply chains are doing to ensure supply chain resiliency in light of these risks. Are they:

  •    adding rigor to supplier risk assessments? 
  •    spending more on business disruption insurance?
  •    investing more capital in safety stock? 

Complete our brief online survey Managing the Risk of Supply Chain Disruption to let us know what your organization is doing. All respondents who provide contact information will receive an executive summary with the survey results.