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Summer of Frameworks

Again and again, APQC members ask for more direction and insight into the processes in APQC’s Process Classification Framework (PCF). Over the past several months, we responded by publishing in-depth definitions for 8 of the 12 PCF categories along with key measures used to measure each business area. The overwhelmingly positive response we received from you lets us know we are on the right track. We just released definitions for 5.0 Managing Customer Service, and over the next year, we plan to create definitions for the remaining PCF categories.

If you haven’t looked at them yet, take a peek, and let us know what you think. Do they help you better understand how to use the PCF?  Do they make things a little clearer? What other guidance do you need?

Frameworks are tools, so it makes sense that people need instruction manuals to fully leverage them. And tools are not ends in themselves; they help organizations make improvements more easily and efficiently. APQC wants to help you get the most out of the efforts you are putting in toward the numerous initiatives going on at your organizations by providing instruction manuals and the tools themselves.

If you need more guidance in how to use the PCF or other frameworks, try our latest best practices report: Using Process Frameworks and Reference Models to Get Real Work Done. It’s the summer of frameworks! And we are committed to making you aware of the tools available at APQC to make your job a little bit easier.

Leave comments below or contact us directly to let us know what else would really help you accomplish your goals and how we could serve you better.