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Seven Tenets (Not Tenants) of Process Management

No, not the “seven tenants of process management.” We’re not asking you to get seven experts to move into your facility, pay rent, and magically imbue your business with process management power. Tenets, my friends.

How do you know if you are really managing according to processes? How do you begin to move to a process management structure? How do you ensure that your process management program is fully optimized?

APQC has defined Seven Tenets of Process Management to help you answer these questions. Without all seven tenets in place, a process management program will not stand the test of time or may never even get off the ground. If you haven’t read these tenets, do it now, and determine where you need to shore up your process management plans or place more attention when measuring and deploying resources.

The Seven Tenets of Process Management provide a basic structure for you to start making process management plans or to start measuring what you already have in place. If your efforts have been stalled or stuck, you may find a tenet that has been neglected or overlooked. Don’t miss this great tool.

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